Basic Sites (Static HTML)

A basic site in static HTML incorporates 3-5 pages and can be linked to whatever social networking you have in place.  Embedding images, galleries, or videos is possible with this structure as well.  This is the option to go with if you need a basic site that you almost never have to update. We charge between $150 and $225 per page for these sites, and future updates are done at an hourly maintenence rate.

Basic Sites (CMS)

A basic site (3-7 pages) incorporates the CMS, a flexible menu, links to Social networking sites (your facebook, twitter, youtube etc), the ability to place images, and embed videos, general blog feeds and updates. This is the option if you are going to need regular updates (that you need to do yourself).  The price for this fluctuates based on the CMS used, as well as the design- to get a quote for a CMS based site click here and give us some info.  The cost for these sites is higher in the beginning, but you save in the long run, as you wont need to pay for maintenence from the webmaster. To learn more about Content Managment Systems go here.

Additions (CMS)

Galleries, slideshows, MP3’s, Online Stores, Logo Design, Site Branding, Login, etc, are an additional charge, fluctuating on how big the addition is (galleries are easier than an online store, so its less expensive).  We do give deals for multiple add-ons, and all additions are on top of the basic site cost.

We do take all Basic Site Cost and additions into consideration and then come up with a deal tailored to your order.  Our Quotes normally end up lower than our general Competitors…. :)

Shoot us and email and we can discuss a quote