What we do

The Basics

We use a Content Management System to build almost every site.  We could do static HTML sites, but we find CMS (like MODx or wordpress) to be the easiest for us, the easiest for the client, and if in the future you would like to add on to your existing site- we can do it easily and not have to build you a whole new site (which saves you money, and who can argue with that:).

Content Management Systems are basically a way for a designer to set everything up, do all of the hard coding, and then give YOU, the client control over your site.  After we build your site we issue you a “Backend Password”, and with that you can change all of the content you need, as often as you need, without A- needing to know anything about Web Design, and B- needing to rely on/pay a web designer for every change.  Don’t worry- we put lock on all the stuff you shouldn’t touch so you cant mess up your site:)  In our experience this has been the most helpful thing to both small businesses and individuals, and larger businesses can do website maintenance all on their own in-house.

Fun Stuff

We can incorporate anything into your site you wish.  Slideshows, Videos, MP3’s, voting forms, picture galleries, all of this is possible with relative ease.  Do you have something in your mind that you would like but your not sure its possible? Tell us! We really are Geeks, and figuring out how to incorporate your cool ideas actually makes us like our jobs MORE:)


From Search Engine Optimization, to Social Networking, we can help you market your website, and help you get the word out about your business.  We also do social media management for clients on an hourly basis.  Even if you have no idea how this works on the web, we’re happy to consult with you and come up with a marketing plan tailored for you.